Friday, November 7, 2014

Initial notes

Sleepy Bintulu fishing village of the 50's
This morning (8/11/14) I embark on blogging about the history of Sarawak.  It is a big country, as big as Peninsular Malaysia.  It is however in many respects a unique landmass that is endowed with rich resources from the open seas and coasts to the heavily forested mountain ranges.  It would be a sad thing if its fascinating history is not available online or at the touch of the keyboard.  In making more useful digital information available  I have used the blogspot or blogger format since information contained in the blog postings can easily be googled worldwide.  This blog is inspired by the developmental changes that occur in Bintulu and therefore the story of Sarawak will be re-constructed around the the concept of developmental history.   
Bintulu at the beginning of the new millenia

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