Saturday, January 2, 2016

Cats and country roads

Overhead signboard near Betong rest area
 It was only yesterday (1 Jan'16) that Sarawak was declared a toll free state with regards to usage of  its road and bridges.  This as Adenan Satem, the Chief Minister of Sarawak said was to ease the burden on the peoples of Sarawak especially in view of the escalating costs of living in the state.  All this while the standard of Sarawak road is technically called 'trunk road'.  With the financial assistance from the Federal government, Sarawak is to see a proper highway and is planned to be completed in about 7 years time following closely the existing trunk road alignment.
It has been 8 years since Daisy and Inul have traveled the Sarawak trunk road from Bintulu to Kuching and back.  Their traveling feat has been recorded in a special blog called Hav Paws Will Travell.  The cumulative distance achieved  stands at 64,200 km and is equivalent to one and a half turn round the globe. (Earth circumference round the equator is 40,075 km).  They have experienced traveling the trunk road on the average every monthly over the 8 years period. Follow this link to see images of the present state of Sarawak's trunk road and Mama Daisy and Inul's adventures.
Fondly called 'Mama Daisy'

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