Saturday, January 2, 2016

Tarzan ropes and emergents.

An emergent  - growing to tremendous height
Zone I
A complex network of 'tarzan ropes' or lianas
Location : Licuala Hill
The Kambatik jungle gives an ambience of age-old mystery and popular folklore.  There are very tall individual trees that grow to tremendous heights and below it are many more smaller trees that try hard and successfully  find a corner in between other tree trunks to fit into the jungle architecture.  The 'tarzan ropes' are lianas which are woody climbers and they can climb over many tall trees and in some instances can snap the top canopy of the 'host' tree by its dead weight causing the broken section to fall down or get suspended in mid air.  Over time these broken branches will rot and enrich the forest floor with more organic matter.  In the Kambatik jungle death is the source of new life.
Sarawak is naturally endowed with rainforest trees from coasts to mountain highs.  In a little corner of Sarawak the original forests are kept intact in botanic islands even though the fringes are planted with oil palm trees in an integrated manner.  There is much beauty about conserving forest trees and to see them in crowing glory gives us reason to celebrate its integral role in human existence.  Follow this link to see some forest trees at the Kambatik jungle in Bintulu...>>>  and here

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